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About Import

Import means purchasing a thing, service, etc. from a foreign country. There are various forms also in import.

When importing overseas goods, the agency which did the subsidiary and the regular contract of the manufacture company of goods imports, and does not sell, but it is called parallel importation that other contractors import. Private importation vicarious execution is also included in parallel importation. It is said that I am called parallel importation since two import routes are parallel. Although there is a merit that a price can be cheaper than a regular agency, or I can get domestic unput on the market on the market goods, there is also a difficulty that I cannot perform returned goods, exchange, etc. after purchase easily.

It is called private importation that an individual orders and purchases goods at a foreign shop directly, without passing vicarious execution. The shop of a mail order changes from domestic [ to a foreign country ]. It seems that I am used for purchasing what it is hard to get at my own country at own country, such as clothing, medical supplies, etc. of size which cannot be obtained easily, in many cases.

It is called reimport to import again the goods once exported to the foreign country from the country of production of goods to the country of production. This is called reimport also when saying that I am imported from the country which the work which not only a thing but a movie and comics exported to the foreign country was remade in foreign countries, and exported.

When being consumed and those [ the ] who use it and who do a person and consumption of are [ whether I am used in this country, and ] use and consumption before foreign cargo is imported, it is called deemed import to consider that I import the cargo concerned.

Shopping can be profitably made by import, or I can purchase what it is hard to get, and become profits also for the country which exports. I was also coming to see recently many shops which deal with an import. Import not only gets its thing needed, but is purchasing foreign goods. Does it also become a cause which I get to know about a foreign country?

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